Frequently Asked Questions

Which size support do I need?


Our supports are available in two sizes. Our Knee Saver Standard support is recommended for countertops from 20-25” deep. Our Knee Saver Extended support is recommended for countertops from 25 1/5-30” deep.


How many supports do I need? 


For a typical wood or wood composite countertop, the recommended maximum spacing is 30-36” on center.
For stone or solid surface tops, closer spacing and additional supports will be required based on the counter weight and countertop fabricators recommendations.


What is the weight capacity for one counter support?


The maximum recommended capacity for each counter support is 300 lbs.


What color do your supports come in?


Is it possible to paint the support to a desired color?
Both Standard and Extended supports are available in a black or white powder coated finish with corresponding plastic end caps.
However, supports can be painted by the customer. (Keep in mind the end caps are plastic and paints which bond to plastic are recommended.)


Are the supports available in Stainless steel?


Unfortunately, we do not carry supports in Stainless steel. The plastic end caps we carry do not match a stainless steel finish. It is something we have not yet accomplished.


How do I go about purchasing a support?


All of our supports are shipped directly from our facility.
You can order them directly through us by calling (978)-386-0137.
You can also email a purchase order to
If you choose, you can also fax an order to (978)-386-0154.


What forms of payment are accepted?


We accept the following four major credit Cards:
American Express


What shipping methods do you offer?


Our common orders are shipped via UPS standard ground. Larger orders can be shipped via common carrier. If you wish to expedite an order or use another carrier, all costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.


How quickly are the supports available?


Our supports are in-stock and available in black and white.